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Welcome To The Gray Area!

Just like the description/title, this blog will be about everything and everything. A sort of personal yet professional topics, thoughts and other media. I find myself thinking about how exhausting as a creative person to switch/pivot into business mode. Ugh! But its a must to keep this ship steady and moving. Im in the process of filing for my first time with expenses and income from my business. It was complicated and a little stressful but a must for a strong foundation. Ive always been business minded but actual doing process has never been in my grasps... I mean it never seemed like it was. Like most things in life you just have to try and do it and be prepared for what happens. I also had two children to think of and dint want to "make things worse." Lets face it kids need money and being a single parent it was not that easy to balance work, kids, and music:which is my core passion next to basketball ( Go Celtics! Bill Russell is top 5!...). I have no regrets and now that my kids are older I can focus more on my goals and passions. I got to be there for them and watch them grow into beautiful smart young women and that I'm proud of the most. Ill end this blog with this thought- People will pass you, reach you, and exceed you in your journey in life; but they will never be you and know all the obstacles you face. Focus on your life and keep moving forward at whatever speed. One Love 🦁🖖🏿🪐

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