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What inspires you? This is a question that always ignites a fire in me. Let me rewind that, it fuels a fire that is burning inside. I feel every person, especially creatives, should feel the same. I at least hope you do. Out of this simple question, my interests in life grow; my desires grow. A hunger builds up like the hunger of a bear coming out of hibernation. Yet, every time I get asked this question, the possibility that it’s going to change from last is always 100%. Inspiration can come from simply watching TV to playing a sport. Ideas are made, thoughts are made and emotions are meld.

For me, it’s the sounds of nature and visual art that take it to a higher level. When it comes to nature, my backyard is perfect. I have slight isolation where I live and I embrace it…. minus the bugs. There is something about peace mixed with natural chaos that relaxes the mind and soul. Another location is the beach during sunrise or sunset. At times I find a piece of unique natural inspiration during my "9-5". At that moment, while I'm not truly enjoying myself with the mandatory restraints of work, the inspiration to stand out and show out blossoms. Just don’t ask me to go camping. Whatever or whomever it is that inspires you is a gift from the universe. Take care of this gift, appreciate it, and never abuse it.


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