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Faded Love

I just want to show you the joys of life

But your Love needs the jaws of life

Give me the tools and I'll show I'm right

I'll still love you even in the worst fight

Lets turn that no into our might

But I won't force you into my light

That wouldn't be right


Be open and put away the strife

You weren't wrong and neither was I

Said you couldn't deal with me in your eyes

I'm letting go in hopes that you realize

The differences made us special like a gift or a prize

Our promises take real energy and time

So why did you make them turn into lies

As I lay in our bed

Memories comprise

Every time we weren't up you seem to cut ties

Im aways the bigger person trying to compromise

I speak from experience

That baby wouldn't make family ties

Instead of growth and love you'd just want one of us to die I don't have the answers so Im writing asking God why?

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